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The Genesee Martin team has many years of experience defending those who have been charged with criminal offences. This includes DUI`s, sexual assault, domestic assault, Drug offences, young offender charges, and Internet-related charges. Regardless of the circumstances and the charges you face, every person has the right to a good defense, and you can get this by hiring one of Genesee Martin’s experienced lawyers.

A criminal charge can have negative consequences for both you and your loved ones. This is especially true when it comes to driving-related offences. Whether you are faced with charges of careless driving, dangerous driving, DUI/impaired driving, driving under suspension, failure to remain, driving without insurance, racing, or speeding, there can be serious consequences. Just some of the related outcomes of driving charges include the possibility of a criminal record, license suspension, prison time, fine, job loss, inability to travel, spiked insurance costs, and other financial and emotional concerns.

Divorce Lawyer in Welland Burlington, Ontario

Christopher Martin is experienced in representing clients in all areas of family law. This involves representing clients with respect to child custody and access issues, child and spousal support, property claims, cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements. There are many possible resolutions that can come about from a family law case Chris has an in-depth knowledge of family law and the ability to ensure that each client gets the best representation in each case.

A family law case can be a difficult time for everyone involved. Family law matters differ from other legal disputes due to the personal and emotional aspect that can come along with them. Chris has a well-established reputation for his professionalism and dedication to helping his clients while these matters are being resolved. Whether inside or outside the courtroom, clients are represented with compassion, conviction, and integrity.

Sustaining a serious personal injury can be a life changing event. It is vital that you get the compensation that you deserve. An experienced lawyer will fight for you to ensure that you are adequately compensated for your personal injuries and losses.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Welland

divorce-lawyer-burlingtonChristopher Martin only represents injured parties; Chris does not represent insurance companies. This ensures that there is never a conflict of interest, as the injured party’s interests are always at the heart of the matter. Chris will approach your personal injury case with the understanding and compassion required during the recovery process. Chris will work with the insurance company on your behalf so that you can work on your recovery.